Caring for our customers when they need it most. That’s more like it.

From prescriptions to over-the-counter advice, caring is our everything in Asda Pharmacies – helping us reach more than 14 million people a week in our communities, and make a difference to every life we touch.

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We’re making our stores a hub for everything you need. All in one place. So our customers don’t have to worry about finding the time to pick up their prescriptions, new glasses, uniforms for the kids, a replacement for the plate they dropped… oh, and their groceries, too!

Because they can do it all at Asda. And so can you.

It’s diverse, interesting, and really exciting because you just never know what’s going to happen each day.




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Sharing a service shaped around care to over 14 million people across our communities every week, discover everything from prescriptions to over-the-counter advice in our pharmacies.

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