Alex Business Services Apprentice

I chose to do an apprenticeship programme with Asda because I felt that they would be able to help me develop my skills in a business environment, as one of the largest retailers in the UK. I specifically chose this apprenticeship programme as it gave me a fantastic opportunity to rotate around the business, really get a feel for how different areas of the business operate, and hopefully allow me to find an area where I felt I could thrive.

"My apprenticeship has helped me develop both personally and professionally whilst also giving me the opportunity to work in different areas of the business and help me find an area where I enjoy working and want to progress further."

How did the apprenticeship benefit you and your career?

The apprenticeship benefitted me by helping me see which areas of the businesses I enjoyed working in, as well as the areas that weren’t quite for me. It also really helped me to develop myself in the workplace by using learning modules, which I was then able to apply into my role, and that would improve the level of my work.

How did you find managing your work and your studies at the same time?

Managing my work and my studies at the same time was made very easy for me by the teams that I was working in. My managers allowed me to block out a day of the week for studying, which meant I didn’t have to bounce back and forth between work and study, and could focus solely on studying for a day. Sometimes the balance between work and study became quite difficult, however with my manager's help and support with tasks I was struggling with, it became a lot easier to manage.

As an apprentice, what support did you get from your line manager and from your training provider?

The support I received from both my line manager and training provider was really helpful. My training provider would set up 1-2-1s to check in with me and see how I was getting on, and was always available to message and set up any extra help calls if I needed them. My line manager was also extremely supportive with my apprenticeship work and would some days even sit with me and help me understand any tasks I was struggling with.

What advice would you give to someone starting out on an apprenticeship with Asda?

The advice I would give is that you need to know what you're getting yourself in for, and need to be prepared to juggle both work and studying and be able to keep on top of both. I’d also say don’t be afraid to ask people for help if you’re struggling. Everyone is here to support you and wants to see you succeed. Another piece of advice is to research which areas of the business you want to try out and ask if this is possible, the apprenticeship team will always do their best to try and give you the best experience possible.

What was the biggest challenge you faced throughout your time on your apprenticeship and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I faced during my apprenticeship was getting myself prepared for my end point assessment. I overcame this challenge by asking my line managers for any extra time I needed to help get myself in the best position possible. Another thing I did to overcome this challenge was reach out to past apprentices who had already sat the end point assessment and ask them for any advice.

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